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Creating a comprehensive estate plan requires strict adherence to the law as well as careful decision-making about what you want your legacy to be. At The Law Office of Edmund F. Fitterer, Jr. in Ocean Township, I work with individuals and families across Monmouth, Ocean and Middlesex Counties to prepare estate plans that address all relevant contingencies. My firm drafts wills and trusts to direct how assets should be allocated or managed upon death or disability. I also handle the probate process so that clients can settle their relative’s estates correctly and efficiently. 


Any adult who owns property should have a valid will in place to direct how their assets are to be distributed upon their death. Without an enforceable will, property is given to surviving family members in accordance with New Jersey’s intestacy laws, even if that distribution runs counter to the decedent’s wishes. My firm drafts testamentary documents that comply with legal standards and that clearly set forth your intentions for the allocation of your assets. After learning about your circumstances and objectives, I will develop a document that provides clear instructions and names someone you trust as executor. It’s also important to remember that a will should not be a document that you sign and then forget. Relationships and financial fortunes can change drastically, so you should review your estate plan regularly to determine if revisions are warranted. 


Trusts are formal legal devices owning, managing and distributing assets based on instructions established by their creator. They can serve a variety of purposes within an overall estate planning strategy. Some people opt to move their property into a revocable living trust. This allows them to access that property for the remainder of their life, then transfer what’s left at their death to designated beneficiaries. The distribution of property by a trust avoids going through the probate system, so beneficiaries can often receive their assets in less time and with less hassle. You can also revise or dissolve a living trust at any time during your life. Other types of trusts are irrevocable and might be used to fund a charity, provide financial support for a special-needs family member or reduce the size of one’s estate for tax purposes. As an Ocean Township lawyer with more than 20 years of experience assisting New Jersey clients, I can explain how a trust can meet your particular needs. 

Probate matters

In most cases, after someone dies in New Jersey, the assets they own must be distributed by an estate executor or administrator under the supervision of Surrogate’s Court. The process, known as probate, can be complicated, especially you are dealing with the loss of a loved one and are not familiar with the complexities of the legal system. Regardless of the value of the estate or issues involved, I offer sound advice on transferring a decedent’s property, including filing the will, notifying beneficiaries, maintaining records of estate transactions, paying debts and taxes, dealing with disputes and ultimately distributing assets to the proper heirs. I also advise about the management and distribution of property that does not go through probate, such as trust assets.

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The Law Office of Edmund F. Fitterer, Jr. assists New Jersey residents with various estate planning concerns, including the preparation of wills and trusts. Please call 732-573-7333 or contact me online to make an appointment for a free initial consultation. My office is in Ocean Township. 

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