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Experienced New Jersey lawyer represents businesses in property transactions 

Commercial real estate deals can be highly complex and detailed. The Law Office of Edmund F. Fitterer, Jr. in Ocean Township has the experience and knowledge to help you secure a successful result whether you’re buying, selling, leasing or looking to rent a business location. Drawing on more than 20 years of practice in the Monmouth, Ocean and Middlesex Counties area, I assist parties to a transaction from the first stage of negotiations, through the due diligence process and up through closing. 

Comprehensive counsel for buyers and sellers of business properties 

As an attorney who regularly represents parties in commercial and residential real estate transactions, I will give you sharp insight on your property purchase or sale. Whether you’re seeking representation to negotiate a deal, require a thorough contract review or need to secure financing for the transaction, I will make every effort to help you achieve your objectives. You can also turn to me on related issues, such as compliance with applicable regulations pertaining to land use and permitting. 

Firm assists with financing agreements and other contracts related to sales and leases

Any commercial leasing arrangement can seem like a series of legal agreements, sometimes starting with a letter of intent. Along with the general lease, you might require contracts for financing, title insurance, property easements and indemnity for environmental liability. If you’re involved in a joint venture or the property is being sold, additional documents relating to escrow and due diligence could be warranted. Don’t risk a costly error by handling these critical contracts on your own. No matter what your commercial property concern might be, I will work to protect your legal position. 

Commercial leasing

Landlords and tenants retain my firm to assist with a full range of concerns associated with the rental of office, retail, developmental and industrial properties. In addition to drafting and reviewing lease agreements, I provide counsel on use and zoning restrictions, operating expenses, subletting rules and other factors you might want to consider before finalizing the lease. With more than 20 years of experience in this field, I can give you an advantage in negotiations over rental rates, tenant improvements and other terms and conditions that you’ll be bound to once the deal is closed. My firm also advocates for parties in lease disputes and issues relating to potential legal violations. 

Sale of leased commercial properties

If you’re on either side in a sale of leased commercial property, getting the most out the deal can be a tricky process. Transferring ownership of a parcel that is currently rented out to one or more businesses, or will be in the future, should follow a thorough due diligence analysis that includes the following subjects:

  • Existing and potential lease agreements
  • Types of businesses that are, or are expected to be, tenants
  • Present and future rental income
  • Expiry dates of current leases
  • Market trends and rental rates at similar properties
  • Compliance with land use, zoning and legal provisions

During the negotiation process and up through the closing, my firm offers experienced counsel to help you emerge from the deal confident about its fairness and profitability. 

Land use and zoning issues

Federal, state and local regulations governing land use and zoning create a complex framework for commercial real estate owners, tenants and developers. I represent clients before zoning boards and other government authorities when a permit, variance or rule change is required to purchase a property or initiate a project. New Jersey real estate development often depends on the result of an environmental impact assessment or compliance with a community’s master plan. My firm advises clients on these matters, as well as situations involving conditional use permits, low-income housing requirements, building codes, mixed-use developments and smart-growth initiatives.

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