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Disputes within a company or with outsiders are capable of draining needed resources. When a serious disagreement arises, you can trust The Law Office of Edmund F. Fitterer, Jr. to pursue a just outcome without losing sight of the big picture. From my office in Ocean County, I work diligently to resolve disputes through negotiation or mediation whenever possible. This gives a business the ability to maintain control over costs and scheduling. However, there are circumstances where the best way to achieve a positive outcome is by going to court. I have a long track record of litigating cases successfully in New Jersey courts. Regardless of the specific nature of your business dispute, I can develop a resolution strategy tailored to your situation and goals. 

Shareholder and partnership disputes

Disagreements among the owners of a business can be bitter and disruptive. Whether the conflict relates to the company’s direction, management, operations, expenditures or possible misconduct, skillful legal counsel is usually necessary to resolve the issue successfully. In shareholder and partnership disputes, I conduct a thorough review of the agreements that bind the parties and identify ways to achieve consensus without sacrificing the underlying business. My firm acts as a strong advocate for clients but makes every effort to find a solution that enables owners to get back on the same page. If that is not possible, I work diligently on a dissolution plan that treats each shareholder or partner fairly as they go their separate ways. 

Breach-of-contract claims

As litigator well versed in contract law, I represent parties in all types of actions where some alleges that an agreement has been violated. There are several different grounds for breach claims, such as:

  • Lack of performance — Conflicts over whether one or both parties completed their obligations under the agreement might necessitate detailed discovery and the use of expert witnesses. 
  • Failure to pay — When full payment is not received, it could be due to payer’s financial struggles or to a dispute over whether the recipient lived up to their end of the bargain. 
  • Anticipatory or constructive breach — These grounds arise from instances where parties indicate that they will not fulfill their duties under the agreement prior to the time when performance would be required. 

The proper remedy in your breach-of-contract case will depend on the circumstances. You might seek cancellation of the contract, known as rescission, and/or restitution of the losses incurred as a result of the other party’s failure to honor the agreement. In other cases, appropriate remedies might be revision of the contract or specific performance, where a party is ordered to fulfill their contractual duties. Whatever particular relief you seek, my firm will make every legal effort to secure a favorable outcome. 

Employment law actions

Problems with employees can bring a successful operation to halt. Such problems can also result in legal liability and difficulties with administrative agencies. My firm handles a full range of workplace conflicts, including disputes over the following issues:

  • Wages and overtime pay
  • Allegations of discrimination and sexual harassment
  • Alleged contract violations
  • Whistleblower claims 
  • Workplace safety concerns

As your counsel, I will give you a clear outline of the pertinent federal and state laws, as well as how they apply to your situation. This will allow you to make informed decisions on how to proceed in a dispute. You can count on me to press for a result that protects your interests while reducing the likelihood of similar disputes in the future. 

Insurance claim conflicts

Taking on an insurance company over a disputed claim can seem like an impossible task. However, I know how carriers operate, having wide experience representing businesses in coverage disputes, bad faith litigation and other claim-related insurance matters. If you believe that your insurer is not honoring their obligations under a commercial general liability, professional liability, vehicle coverage or other type of policy, my firm is ready to assert your rights in negotiations and in court if necessary. 

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