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Skillful legal guidance can help you get your business started on the right foot and prepare you to meet challenges that can arise long after you’ve launched. During the business formation process, The Law Office of Edmund F. Fitterer, Jr. in Ocean Township provides comprehensive counsel, including advice on the best choice of legal entity within New Jersey or another state. From there, my firm assists with contract matters, employment law issues and other concerns that must be addressed as you strive to achieve your business goals. 

Types of business entities available under New Jersey law

One of the first steps for a startup business is to select a legal entity. New Jersey offers several options, and I can help you conduct a thoughtful review of these possible choices:

  • Sole proprietorship — This simple structure consists of an owner who remains personally liable for business debts and other liabilities. All income is recorded on the sole proprietor’s personal income tax return.
  • General and limited partnerships — In a general partnership, each member is jointly and severally liable for judgments against the business and other debts. In a limited partnership, there are general partners, who are responsible for daily operations and personally liable for company debts, and limited partners, whose personal assets are shielded. Neither type of partnership is a taxable entity.
  • Limited liability companies (LLCs) and limited liability partnerships (LLPs) — These entities combine some of the benefits of corporations and partnerships. They lack the formal requirements and independent taxation traditionally associated with corporations while providing protection for members’ personal assets. With an LLP, there is no general partner who is personally liable.
  • Corporations — By filing articles of incorporation, a business can ensure that its owners will not risk their personal assets. But corporations are required by law to observe certain formalities, such as holding annual shareholder meetings, which now can be held remotely. Your business might be eligible for S corporation status, which allows its income to pass tax-free to individual owners. If not, you must file as a C corporation, which is means its income is taxed separately. 

There are several other critical tasks you must undertake as you work toward a launch. These might include completing a shareholder, partnership or LLC operating agreement; securing necessary permits or licenses; developing employment policies; and finding a suitable location for your business. My firm delivers the legal guidance you deserve. 

Knowledgeable guidance for businesses’ internal and external concerns

Getting a business off the ground successfully is the first hurdle, but things do not get any easier from there. Numerous challenges associated with ongoing operations require the insight of a seasoned business lawyer. You might need to arrange financing in order to fund an expansion or acquire competitor company. Growing companies usually also hire additional employees, which increases the likelihood of conflicts over wages, workplace misconduct and protection of proprietary information. No matter what stage of development your business happens to be in, my firm is capable of meeting your legal needs with skill and efficiency. This includes careful guidance on dissolution and bankruptcy proceedings if you’re in need of closing or reorganizing your operation. 

Attorney provides legal insight to help clients thrive

Large companies have legal departments staffed with attorneys who are deeply familiar with the business and always available to provide insight on important issues. While your business might not have the budget or inclination to hire in-house counsel, my firm offers the same type of personalized attention and availability. I can represent you in discussions with other entities, advise on internal matters such as corporate governance and develop a succession plan to cover the eventuality of an owner leaving the business. 

Contract drafting and review

Companies in all industries depend on reliable contracts to formalize relationships, obtain resources and ensure payment for their goods and services. Failing to complete a contract or unwittingly agreeing to a bad deal can create serious risk for your business. I draft, review and negotiate contracts so that my clients have a clear perspective on each side’s rights and duties under the agreement. This includes analyzing how the contract would be enforced in the event of commonly occurring contingencies. Even when the terms of a signed agreements are clear and favorable, contract disputes can arise. If that happens to you, I will work quickly to reach a prompt, cost-effective resolution that safeguards your interests. 

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